db werx Single 14V 30 amp SPST automotive relay


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dbwerx 14V 30 amp SPST (single pole single throw) automotive relay.

  • built in fuse socket with included 30A blade fuse
  • 30A high switching relay 
  • wire specifications: black-ground (85),red- 12V positive (30), blue-output to accessory N/O (87), white- trigger (86)

This is a Bosch style SPST 14V DC 30A relay.  The built in fuse holder eliminates the need of a separate fuse holder in line of the circuit. The fuse protects the accessory that you are running.  Choose the appropriate fuse for the load. This relay includes the relay, relay harness, 30A fuse, mounting tab.

SKU: dbw12vr


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Great product.

Nice quality and worked perfectly. I bought others From Amazon, I’m wishing I would’ve known about these before doing that.
Posted by Sion, Aug 9th 2021

Worth it

Very worth the price. DB werclx us always super helpful and answers all my questions. I love this company.
Posted by Nate Stark, May 29th 2021

Fast shipping..

I haven’t had a chance to install the relay yet but it and the harness appears to be good quality.
Posted by Sion Stephens, Sep 27th 2020